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Løgndetektortest med polygraf er fortsatt ofte den foretrukne testen i mange situasjoner. De siste årene er det gjort viktige teknologiske fremskritt innen sensorteknologi og analyse som gjør at tester vi bruker i dag ikke kan sammenlignes med gamle analoge polygraftester.


Summen av vitenskapelig publisert forskning viser at 8 ulike teknikker produserer over 90% treffsikkerhet, og at de to mest treffsikre teknikkene leverer 97-99% treffsikkerhet.

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Academy for Scientific Invenstigative Training ASIT logo Polygraph training
IntegrityView online lie detector test


Take an IntegrityView test in the comfort of your own home already today.
IntegrityView is one of several new innovative cognitive memory detection tests that can be used for detecting lies. This test has proven high accuracy over a broad specter of topics, and over a wide range of peer-reviewed and scientifically peer-reviewed studies. IntegrityView has been used as evidence before the courts in numerous high-profile criminal cases in Italy. 


The method which IntegrityView relies on is based on over 300 scientifically published studies. IntegrityView is an algorithm based test, wihich measures your brains response time during forced single and double-switch categorization tasks. This test satisfies the Daubert Standard for evidence, following a statement made after extensive review and decision in the Trieste Court of Appeal, Italy.


Credibility Lie Detection Technology is proud to have provided exceptional service to a wide range of clients in Norway for over 10 years. Ørjan Hesjedal is a trained polygraph examiner from an APA certified school, and has performed most of the polygraph tests shown on TV in Norway over the last 10 years.

Ørjan's interest in polygraph tests began in 2006 and later became a passion that led him to train as a polygraph examiner at an American polygraph school. For Ørjan, it's all about delivering the highest possible accuracy. See the specific page on the website that explains accuracy for different polygraph tests.

Ørjan lives outside Bergen, but performs tests with lie detectors in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö. Stated prices apply to the aforementioned cities on the dates you can find here:

If you want a lie detector test performed in another location, we can surely arrange it. Travel expenses will then be incurred. No matter where you live, you're just a step away from uncovering the truth with a lie detector.

For a lie detector test that covers one topic with 1-3 questions, the service costs SEK 6900. If you need a more extensive test for two or more topics with 2-4 questions, the cost is SEK 7500. To make it more economical for groups, we offer half price on the second test if two or more people in the same group take the test on the same day. We also offer an IntegrityView test from SEK 1900. See

Lie detector tests can be used in many different situations. A lie detector test can help solve countless problems. Do you suspect infidelity, or do you need to verify claims about relationships? A lie detector test can uncover the truth. Perhaps you struggle to trust a family member's claims related to addiction, such as gambling addiction, sex addiction, or abuse of alcohol and drugs? A lie detector test can help you gain clarity, and reveal the details of what has happened.

Our lie detector tests can also be crucial in uncovering the truth in serious cases involving indecent and illegal sexual violations, as well as theft and embezzlement. Our polygraph expert Ørjan Hesjedal has conducted lie detector tests in some of Scandinavia's largest criminal cases. He tested Stein Bagger in the ITFactory fraud case for the Danish newspaper EkstraBladet, for instance. He has also conducted tests in several murder cases in Norway.

No case is too big or too small.

Using a lie detector test is an effective method of finding the truth. Whether you are in Gothenburg, Stockholm, or Malmö, we are ready to help you. Our lie detector services are designed to give you clarity and answers to the questions you have.

You are guaranteed confidentiality with us. We use software with multiple levels of military-spec encryption, and generally place great emphasis on data security and ensuring that all customers experience discretion. We also take the time to explain and ensure that you have a good customer experience.

Agreeing to take a lie detector test is a great way to draw a line for the lies.

It is much easier to put behind you what you know, than what you suspect.

Call us or send us a message and tell us a little about your problem, then we'll see if there is something we can help with.

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