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With a polygraph (lie detector) we can test whether an incident has occurred or not. The polygraph test cannot test attitudes or hypothetical situations. We can test both new and old problems. 



There is almost nothing you need to prepare before a lie detector test. You do not need to formulate the questions before the lie detector test, but you must know what you want tested. In any case, we must formulate the questions on the day of the test, so that they follow the guidelines for the test format to be used in the lie detector test. Time has been set aside for review of questions on the test day. 



You must attend the drug-free test day. If you are on medication, you must take the medication in the dose prescribed by the doctor. Deliberate wrong dosing will cause the test to identify attempted cheating. People with tremors, diseases of the nervous system are asked to inform them of this in advance of ordering. 


The test is paid for with VIPPS or cash upon attendance on the test day. A receipt is sent together with the test report.

On the test day, a conversation is first conducted, where we go through the problem and create the questions. We spend a lot of time on this to ensure high quality questions.



Tests with a lie detector are always based on voluntariness. Expect a 2-hour test if theft is suspected. 2-3 hours for morality cases and adultery tests. All relevant questions are reviewed with the parties before the test starts. All tests are documented with audio and video, including test data from the polygraph software. The test is carried out in a neutral and quiet place. For infidelity tests, it is recommended that you both meet. I will go through how the test works, and all the phases we will go through in the test. During the actual testing with a lie detector, only the person being tested and the polygraphist are in the room. In polygraph tests, several series of questions are performed to ensure that responses are not due to chance.  



Polygraph examiners today use several different computer programs to analyze tests. In the vast majority of cases, it is possible to carry out a rapid analysis where you will receive a preliminary answer to the test approximately 15-20 minutes after the test has been completed. If there is time and you wish, I will go through the test with you, so that you can explain what has emerged in the test, and you will get a review of the preliminary test result. About a day after the test, our final conclusion is sent in a final report. (Depends a bit on whether I  am traveling or can start the analysis quite immediately). The test report is sent via encrypted e-mail (the customer receives a code from us which is used to open the file with the test report). 



We do not contact customers (people who have been tested) after completed assignments, but are available to all customers who have questions about tests, reports and analysis of tests. All follow-up is free, within reasonable limits. The same applies to all contact before the test.

To ensure that the services I provide are of top quality, I depend on feedback. I therefore send out an automatically generated e-mail 2 days after the test, where you/you have the opportunity to describe how you experienced the test, whether you experienced being well received, and whether the test solved your problem. Responding to that email is voluntary.



We are concerned about your privacy and encrypt all test data, and use so-called "military spec" encryption technology. Feel free to use Gmail or even better;  Protonmail if you need high security when communicating with us. You should not use your work email to communicate with us, as work email is read by the employer to a greater extent than the employee is aware of. We automatically delete personal data and test data after 1 year, unless we agree otherwise. It is possible to request the deletion of data as soon as you have received the report. We store as little information as possible about all clients. In many types of tests, only first names are used. Medical data and health-related information are not stored, unless it is agreed in each case, or is clear from the questions used in the test.



For customers who find it uncomfortable to buy a lie test in cases that concern very sensitive issues, you should be aware that VIPPS payments result in personal data ending up in accounting software. Employees of the company who provide accounting services, employees of banks and authorities can potentially have access to this personal data. Services we offer may require special protection of personal data. There is no cooling-off period for data that ends up in the accounting program when you have paid digitally.

We prefer that you pay with VIPPS, but we also offer cash payment against a receipt for those who want discretion. I do not have a card terminal for payment by bank card, due to high fees.



People who plan to try to keep relevant information hidden during the test often have an incentive to try to cheat on the test. To ensure that no one is able to cheat on tests, it is very important that you, who are going to take a test, follow the instructions you receive throughout the test. 

Attempts at fraudulent/intentional influence of test data, attempts to oppose the test and instructions, corruption and the like are without exception reported to the client, and the test can be terminated, without any conclusions being drawn about credibility, other than suspicion of attempted cheating. Don't try. It's not worth it.

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