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Credibility Lie Detection Technology is a small company, but in recent years we have been one of the world's leading companies in our sector in regards to the ability to deliver the highest possible accuracy. We have a broad selection of the most accurate tools for detecting deception. Our product range enables us to solve issues regarding veracity, faster and more accurate than most other companies in our business. And we are very price competitive. 

Whether you need to test one person for a single issue today, or you need to test 1000 people within the coming week. We have the tools to get the job done, with the highest expected accuracy available on the market. 

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Credibility Lie Detection Technology

Polygraph Løgndetektor
Polygraph test

The polygraph, or 'lie detector', is the test which have been around the longest time, and  and is used by authorities in over 70 countries.


One of the advantages of the polygraph test is that questions can be quickly formed for each unique situation, and yet deliver high accuracy.


The polygraph is very well-suited to test for infidelity, theft, sexual abuse and background checks, and will give you more details from the examinee than any other test.  

We conduct tests in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English.

IntegrityView online løgndetektor

IntegrityView is a new type of online cognitive memory detection test that, within 10-12 minutes, determines whether an assertion is true or false.


Regardless of whether you are staying in New York, Bangkok or London, this test can be taken online only minutes or hours after you place your order with us. The result will be presented immediately after a test is completed.


IntegrityView is by definition not a lie test. This test has been successfully used as evidence in several high-profile court cases, and complies to the Daubert Standard (statement based on review by Trieste Court of Appeal).

Customized tests

We are able to deliver several innovative credibility assessment tests that are not described on this website in further detail. Among other tests, we have online RT, algorithm-based, portable 3-minute ID tests (>90% accuracy), high accuracy, scalable, plug-and-play background check tests that, in principle, can test millions of people in a single day. Are you part of the managment in an insurance company, and are looking for technology which will increase detection of false insurance claims? We have the technology, skill and solutions you need.


All tests we offer have been the subject to scientific research and development. New methods, such as IntegrityView and other cognitive tests, derive from research at universities and leading academic environments in the field of lie detection and cognitive neuropsychology.


Contrary to information you may find in the media, instrumental credibility assessment tests are continuously being improved with regard to accuracy, objectivity and standardization. 

Whether you are an individual who suspects your partner has been unfaithful, or a recruitment agency wanting to test a larger number of people, we deliver solutions tailored to your needs.

If you can fly to Bergen, Norway (Airport:BGO), we do tests 200 meters from the entrance of the airport at the beautiful Scandic Flesland Airport Hotel. 

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