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If you have a problem that affects lies, truths and assessments of other people's veracity, then you have come to the right place. Since around 2006 (for 16 years), I have been passionately interested in topics that touch on lies.


I perform polygraph tests for private individuals, companies and the media. Occasionally, I take on larger cases that deal with document examination. For example, for people who claim to be innocent, convicted, or victims of injustice. 

I speak Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English.

My Story

I am 49 years old, live near Bergen, and have been passionately interested in credibility assessments, including lie detector tests / polygraph tests and other forms of lie detection since 2006. In 2012 - 2013 I studied at an American Polygraph Association accredited school (ASIT / Nate Gordon). In 2014, I was trained in the use of cognitive neuropsychological tests by Professor Giuseppe Sartori at the University of Padova, Italy. Among other tests, I was trained on constructing and administering the autobiographical Implicit Association Test (aIAT / IntegrityView), SkillView and several other tests that are currently not commercialized. The collaboration with the Italian researchers has today developed into a partnership on the commercialization and further development of IntegrityView. 

Those who know me will probably say that I am a bit of a nerd who spends far too much time reading research publications. That's how it's been for 20+ years. When others are reading crime novels and short stories, working in the garden or building a cabin in the mountains, I am probably sitting and reading scientific publications on lie detection, interrogation techniques, memory detection, psychology, neuropsychology or the latest studies or comments on instrumentation or philosophical discussions on methodology related to lie detection. As I said: this is not work, but passion :-).

Even after doing these tests commercially since 2012 / 2013, polygraph testing is still a passion that feels more like working with one's hobby than having a regular job. The intention was never to turn this into a big business either. Instead, this thing with lie detection is a kind of geek fetish for me that is about delivering first class accuracy.

I am also interested in our society, and have many opinions about veracity assessments carried out by the police and the courts in today's society. Unfortunately, people today are still fed myths about these topics that are not true. For example, for the past 20 years we have been told that today's interrogation methods used by the police i Norway where I live, are scientifically based. It is unfortunately a truth with major modifications. Although there are many good improvements in today's Norwegian interrogation methods, where much has been stolen from research carried out in other countries, there is still not a single scientifically published study on the Norwegian interrogation technique KREATIV where the method has been tested for accuracy, validity or reliability. Zero, zilch, nada, nothing.. no studies at all. But the "V" in KREATIV still stands today for "scientifically rooted". 

If you are more than average interested in lie detection, do check out the IntegrityView test on my website. If you are a polygraph examiner, I will be more than happy to give you the IntegrityView test for free, for you to try it out on your clients for some time.  I am sure you will be amazed by the accuracy of that test. 

Send oss en melding og vi kommer tilbake til deg snart.

Takk for innsendingen din!

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