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Lie Detector - Reveal the truth with a professional lie detector test

Hello, I am Ørjan Hesjedal, a dedicated polygraph expert with over a decade of experience. My education from an American Polygraph Association-certified school, combined with extensive experience in a wide range of cases, makes me a solid choice for your polygraph test.

With experience spanning various fields - from TV shows to sensitive legal cases and personal matters - I have refined my skills in polygraph testing and lie detection for over 10 years. I have been part of many significant cases, such as the ITFactory fraud, several high-profile murder cases in Norway. I have tested multiple convicted offenders who now have some of Norway's strictest penalties, and have contributed to innocent defendants and wrongfully convicted in abuse cases being acquitted or charges dropped. Additionally, I have been frequently on TV, testing everyone from Norway's top comedians to top politicians in Norway and Denmark. I have participated in many TV programs. If you have seen polygraph tests performed on TV in Norway, it is probably me who carried out the tests.

Since 2014, I have collaborated with researchers at the University of Padua on the memory detection test IntegrityView, an advanced test now recognized in legal systems that follow the new and more scientific Daubert evidence standard.


For me, polygraph testing is a passion that started in 2006, and was never thought of as something one could make a living from. Polygraph tests and other lie detector tests are still more of a passion than anything else. For me, this is about delivering the highest possible accuracy with each and every polygraph test, regardless of what you are suspected or accused of.

We place great emphasis on respectful and good treatment of all clients, whether the person being tested is guilty or innocent.


Are you facing a dilemma where the truth is crucial? A polygraph test may be the right choice for you.


We Offer The Following Polygraph Tests:


Infidelity test with a lie detector: Wake up from your sleepless nights with clarity about your partner's fidelity.

Inappropriate sexual behaviour: Prove innocence or guilt in cases of inappropriate sexual behavior with a polygraph test.

Theft accusations: Our lie detector test can provide clarity in accusations of theft, whether it's in the workplace, in the family, or among friends.


TV and media: We offer tailor-made polygraph test solutions for TV and media.


We also offer IntegrityView memory detection tests and private investigator services. Our expertise extends to reviewing documents in already settled criminal cases, where we can uncover new evidence or facts that may be crucial to the case.


With our professional and discreet approach, you can feel safe and comfortable throughout the process. Let us help you uncover the truth with our extensive experience and accurate polygraph tests.


For many, this matter of a lie detector test is something unfamiliar and also a step one had not envisioned taking. Therefore, it is natural that there are many questions about tests and implementation that swirl in the head. I have created a separate page about the accuracy of the tests, and a separate page about the number of questions, and other questions about conducting tests.


The price for a polygraph test is NOK Kr 6900,-. If there are two people taking the test, test number 2 is half price. IntegrityView: NOK Kr 2900,- (with me present), or Kr 1900 if you take the test yourself.


Travel costs will be added for tests desired on another day and place than times available on the page BOOK APPOINTMENT.

If you have questions or are curious about how a polygraph test could be the solution to your situation, we are here to help.

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