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IntegrityView online løgndetektortest


Integrityview - the worlds most accurate online lie detector -online løgndetektor - online

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Higher than 99% accuracy with D-Index > 0,6

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"Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything"

                                                               Wyatt Earp

IntegrityView© is an amazing and very accurate cognitive memory detection test, which can also be used to detect lies and truths.

You can take the IntegrityView© test from your home today. You only need a stable and fast internet connection, a regular stationary computer or laptop with a physical keyboard.

The test takes about 12 minutes + approximately about 10 minutes of instructions before the test.


IntegrityView is a reaction time based test, and the result is automatically calculated by the built-in algorithm instantly after someone completes a test. 

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The worlds most accurate online test for lie detection.

Applies to the person taking the test. Tick the statements that represent the person taking the test as that person approaches each item today. Feel free to check the box for more options. All the options apply to the time period the person being tested was in a relationship with, (/must have been exclusive with-) the person suspected of being cheated on (the Boyfriend). If you fill in the form for your girlfriend, you fill in the way you think your girlfriend would respond today.

Select the time period we will test. 

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In order to carry out a test, we need you to submit relevant information regarding the problem you want to have tested. Be thorough and accurate when filling out all fields in the form below. If we have any questions to the information you have provided, we will return an email where we ask you to fill in the blanks. Make sure you check your email after you send us a request, in case we have questions. 

Make sure to check that the e-mail address you provide is spelled correctly. We will not be able to contact you if you leave us a misspelled email address.

This is a one-man company, and it may therefore sometimes take a few hours before I reply, but will always try to answer as fast as I am able to.

If any of the fields have a red border around the edges, you must fill in the field correctly before trying to re-send the form.


It is also possible to test other topics than infidelity. If you have any questions, or want to know if we are able to test your specific problem, please send us an email to 

Please note! This page is under construction and currently automatically translated. The translation for the form below may be inaccurate. For any requests for tests in English, please send us an email.

Select the time (date and time) you want to take the test. It takes some time to prepare the test. Also consider time differences if you live in another time zone than Norway. 

Tests are carried out from 10am - 8pm every day.

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IntegrityView (aIAT) is built on the same and similar scientific framework as the Implicit Association Test (IAT), (Greenwald et al., 1998). Research and development of the methodological framework behind IAT was primarily carried out by researchers at the University of Washington, University of Virginia, Harvard and Yale.

The Implicit Association Test (IAT) is a test often used to determine a person's  attitudes or bias (bias / prejudice that is stored in the subconscious part of the brain, of which the person is not aware). 

Guiseppe Sartori IntegrityView ID Test.p

Professor Guiseppe Sartori, University of Padova, Italy demonstrates a reliable cognitive identity test (ID test) which is based on the same principles as aIAT / IntegrityView. 

The method behind IntegrityView (aIAT) consists of a computerized double-switch categorization task. The test includes stimuli belonging to four categories, two of which are logical categories and are represented by neutral sentences that we know with certainty are always true for the respondent; For example: - "I'm doing a test", or which is always false for the respondent; - for example: "I am now on the Moon".

The other two categories in the test are represented by two conflicting versions of an autobiographical event (e.g. My bedroom window was open when I left for work this morning, vs My bedroom window was closed when I left for work this morning), where one of the statements must be true, and the contradictory hypothesis must be false. The true autobiographical memory (the true memory in the respondent's brain) about whether the respondent left the house with the bedroom window open or closed, is identified by pairing different combinations of statements from these two categories with each of the neutral logical categories (known true and known false categories). 

Pairing true neutral statements with the true memory of whether the bedroom window was open or not, is expected to yield faster reaction times than pairing true neutral statements with the false hypothesis about the bedroom window. 

This categorization test is a cognitive challenging task. To make sure the test produces high accuracy also for individuals with high IQ / high cognitive plasticity, the test has been adjusted so that 3-4% of the population with the lowest IQ / lowest cognitive plasticity will not be able to complete the test with a test proctor present. For tests taken without a test proctor present, this percentage will be somewhat higher. If an individual are not able to complete a test on first attempt, it is most often possible to retake the test. 

Online lie-test accuracy IntegrityView

(Image above) Example of achieved accuracy for a 3-minute long portable ID test with IntegrityView ©  

IntegrityView lie detector accuracy

The images above show the accuracy achieved in a study where IntegrityView is modified as an ID test. The graph shows that the test clearly discriminates between those who provided a false ID and respondents who provided a true ID. 

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