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We are based in Bergen, but carry out tests in the largest cities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 

In the contact form below, you can send us a request for a test at the desired location and date.

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Polygraph tests have a long history, and is known to produce high accuracy over a wide variety of topics and situations. The polygraph is also second to noen when it comes to producing confessions and detailed information from a deceptive examinee. Most people have heard about the polygraph test and many will be willing to accept a result from a polygraph.

1 question:          USD 700,-

2-4 questions:    USD 800.- 

The prices apply to Oslo and Bergen, and are total prices. Contact us to find out if there are additional travel costs at other locations.

Before ordering a test; read this first

INTEGRITYVIEW (Cognitive memory detection test) 
This is a novel, very accurate test which you can take online from work og your home already today

One topic: USD 290

One additional topic: USD 100

Press the button below to learn more about IntegrityView and take an IntegrityView test.


USD 60 per question. Travel expenses will be added. Minimum order of USD 1000 for out of office tests.

We do not recommend EyeDetect for event specific tests, but this is an interesting and cost effective test for screening larger number og people. Read the page about EyeDetect before sending your request or asking for a price quota. 

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